Content Uniformity Tests Implementation Based on Monte-Carlo simulation in C++ and Python

Content uniformity tests process Implemention in C++ and Python codes. Using C++ to speed codes for 100 times.

2022-05-16 / 35 min read

L2 regularization vs Weight decay

2021-09-14 / 2 min read

From Keras to PyTorch

This post is to record the issues I encounted during the implementation from Keras to PyTorch. At first the structure of the CNN modes is introduced. Then, the codes in Keras are shown. Next, The partial implementation in pure Pytorch is given and at last, the implementation in Pytorch Lightning is also presented.

2021-08-22 / 12 min read

Kennard-Stone algorithm and SPXY algorithm with python implementation

Kennard-Stone (KS) and SPXY algorithms are common sample split algorithms in the chemometrics field. Unlike random split, these two methods are based on the so called "maximum minimum distance", which means the split result of KS and SPXY are definite instead of random. This article will briefly introduce these 2 algorithms and provide the python implementation.

2020-02-27 / 11 min read